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I scaled the recipe down (or tried to…forgot half way through and probably put in too much pasta water and cheese but I just kept it over the heat and everything jelled together quite nicely) and it came out like a dream. Now, this may seem like an insane question, but…let’s say you love potatoes and just completely hate cheese. I did have the same issue as another reviewer, where my potatoes were not golden, but browned. RECIPES. I have been following you for a long time now, using your website like I would a favorite cookbook, and singing your praises to anyone and everyone who will listen. It was the perfect easy sauce to balance out the time it took to make the pasta. When I’m craving veggies, I add frozen baby peas. This is the first recipe I have ever tried from your site. I will let you know what my brood thinks of Cacio e Pepe Potatoes Anna. I’ve been craving it since I read the version in Cook’s Illustrated last month. With dish like this, why would anyone want any thing more or any thing else. Next time, try adding some minced garlic and a splash of white wine. Had he been more selfish, I wouldn’t be able to turn my phone to its dimmest setting in the middle of the night –like now when it’s 3:00 am Chicago time— (so as not to disturb my husband), and read countless excerpts from your site and the emails I’ve anxiously opened and saved for so many years. I use Parmesan cheese because I had it on hand and it is cheaper for this poor college student. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I just Googled it and it sounds so ridiculously delicious, I must buy some. This sounds absolutely delicious!! Your email address will not be published. Here, these two ingredients are sprinkled over roasted broccoli florets once they’re tender, and then the whole thing is tossed under the broiler for a minute or two to let the cheese soften slightly. The UK edition might have additional ingredients listed as they would be sold across the pond, so it’s easier to shop recipes, but otherwise they’ll be largely the same. Next time I am going to try this with penne, wilt some arugula in with the sauce and top it with a poached egg. Mmmm Yummy! Oh the memories- On a cold evening when there wasn’t much in the house for dinner and we just didn’t have it in us to go out, Mom would throw these simple 4 ingredients together and create a mouthful of comfort. Italian cooking is ALL based on simple, fresh ingredients and this dish is a perfect example. I think I may be the only person who found this too peppery :(. I will have to buythe olive oil in this small store in Pike Place in Seattle (if you couldn’t already tell by my name) I always walk in but balk at paying those prices for a bottle of oil, but if I convince my husband that it is only to be used in moderation, he might give in. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I prefer it with angel hair pasta though. My potatoes didn’t get brown on the bottom though:( maybe I should have cooked it longer? Magda. I made a mistake and I don’t know where. I made this for lunch yesterday and it was a big hit. Love it. Will make and eat again for sure. Thanks so much! Carla – add the pasta back to the hot oil in the pan and add the cup of water immediately. Break your egg into a small dish to gently slip the egg into the water, and cook for two minutes. Your recipes never disappoint. Let’s just say his face changed dramatically when he tried a bite of the finished product. Pre-order completed. I will be adding this to my upcoming grocery list. I’m planning on making a not-too-soppin’ pasta for my honey this weekend! It’s a delightfully open minded town just 1 hour south of Memphis. Otherwise, should work fine. Required fields are marked *. Yum! He came with a sous-chef. 2 pounds (roughly 1 kg) Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/8-inch-thick, ideally on … Add butter, 3 ounces cheese and ground pepper and toss together with tongs. I did put the cast iron pan on a baking stone hoping to help the bottom to brown. I really despise the taste of butter on pasta and would rather just use quality olive oil. YUM! Thanks much for the great document. A friend asked the question, if we go to a book signing (we did last time, so fun!!! ABOUT. Maybe I sliced the potatoes too thin? (A life without cheese and garlic is not a life I want to contemplate!) Results were perfect (maybe a little sticking on the bottom, but I think that had more to do with me forgetting to wait to remove it). If anything, I don’t think we … To bake: Lightly coat a piece of foil with nonstick spray and cover the skillet tightly with it. All you need is time to boil water then cook the spaghetti. As you experienced in Italian cooking simplisity is the secret. MaryO1230 Thanks! :), Sorry I just realized I left out another place if Marlton isn’t one of your top ten spots ;) By the way, I’ve been to Lupa and totally, completely, utterly loved it! Let me know if there’s something else I should do. The directions are perfect. ❤️. In the inaugural episode of You're Welcome Season 2, Bon Appetit Editor-in-Chief, Adam Rapoport, shows us how to make the perfect pasta sauce. Do NOT overcook. Ree-diculously good. Apartment Therapy. I want to go there whether I’m invited or not! Thank you! :D. Even if I made zero recipes from your new cookbook (which is impossible), it would still be worth it to pre-order the book as I feel like I owe you for all of the free and wonderful recipes I use from your blog!! the strands coated with runny egg yolk makes this such a complete meal. I usually add just a smidge of olive oil when i make cacio e pepe, and I like the way this “recipe” looks. We’ll be trying it soon. Hence the name “cacio e pepe”…cacio from “Caciocavallo”…Hope this helps! Previous post: tall, fluffy buttermilk pancakes. -Kristin. I think you’ll get along just fine :) I think it’s better than using just the Pecorino if you can find the other cheese…and, I believe, a bit more authentic. I was doubtful given the simplicity but it was lovely. This causes a lot of flipping of pages back and forward as you read – it would be so much easier if the ingredients and instructions were on the same page. Any suggestions? Congratulations, Deb! The pepper makes it an adult dish! Congrats Deb! But if it’s all of us, I’m very selfish and I have a hard time motivating to cook anything but what I’m craving. It will be fun to see what you come up with! The homemade pasta was just perfect. I think this will forever be my go-to pasta anytime I can’t think of what to make for dinner. No groups, club, or organizations may participate. Jacob is cuter every day :), I think I found dinner for tomorrow night! I am searching for the bran in some store-bought muffins over here – it’s nutty and soft, and definitely NOT wheat bran (flakes), oat bran, any sort of bran cereal …you can see by the amount of bran I have bought, I am a desperate woman. We also do this the same way with anchovies, cappacola, any thing you can think of! “I didn’t want to operate from the assumption that cooking is drudgery, when for so many of us, it’s a much-needed escape.” Definitely sprinkle the cheese while tossing the pasta; it will be better distributed in the sauce. I also love the fact that I will likely have all ingredients for this delightful dish on hand at all times. Cannot wait to read it – so excited! Made this to wait out the historic blizzard in Baltimore. j’ai vu ta photo et je me suis juste dit que j’avais très envie de pâtes préparées comme ça, simplement, pour les mettre en valeur. This has been one of my favorites regarding my pasta fare, but I had no formal name for it. In terms of holding together, definitely more tricky. I 4th Wellesley Books, and will try to get my ticket early enough, before you sell out!! Updated: Dec 25, 2020. Add butter, 3 ounces cheese and ground pepper and toss together with tongs. Congratulations! Cacio e pepe is made with a mix of Pecorino Romano cheese, which is salty and a bit funky (in a good way), and freshly cracked black pepper, which lends earthy, pungent heat. Parnassus Books in Nashville TN. Teeniest sprinkle of oregano sometimes. December 27 2020. :), Woke this morning and your new cook book was on my Kindled. Do you think this recipe would work in a cake pan or pie plate? So I’ve made this twice! One of the simplest preparations for pasta, but in my opinion one of the best, is Cacio e Pepe. So I sized it down to one serving and made it with what I had laying around: Fusili, and parmesan and asiago cheese. I made these tonight for the first time and it was a huge hit! We have found a simple, foolproof trick that will get you on the way to making delicious and creamy cacio e pepe every single time. It is gray and bleak; I am doing my best to keep cozy, but today it’s a struggle. wow my last post was incoherent! I did find in the case of small potatoes and really most sizes, but especially small, that if rested it longer before serving — and I get this is not a reality for dinner when you’re making it at dinnertime — it seemed to settle and glue together better. Meeting Deb is on the good ol’ bucket list for sure!! This site is the best. Most of the even top browning happens under the broiler for me. Maybe we could work out a recipe demo/signing…, Alright, where’s the picture of the curly-haired tyrant? Congratulations Deb! Italian Veggie Broth with Pastina. A microplaned half cup can weight approximately what a paperclip does ;) — is this what you used? Thank you! risotto with parmigiano reggiano (the real stuff) is as melty as i get, outside of pizza. Totally fine to ask here. Also, not to keep throwing stuff to buy at you, but a lot of readers here swear by these cut-resistant gloves. I’m talking my beloved basics: the chef’s knives and paring knives that I use constantly. Menu. So good and so simple which is just what this one is too. ;). Please!! You have a great memory. Comments. While watching my husband and boys devour this simple but delicious dish, a flood of memories can washing over me. Swoon. The recipe assumes the higher number of layers but the microplane “fluff” tends to collapse when mixed with other ingredients so that I can imagine that when you measure a couple tablespoons of it, it seems suddenly scant. Am willing to drive anywhere in LA except for Hollywood/Beverly Hills area (traffic! No salt needed. ;). I’ve been getting a lot of mileage lately out of a similar recipe in Gourmet Today—it’s like the grownup version of instant mac ‘n’ cheese. :). I love how so many people have “come up with” this recipe on their own out of need or boredom or whatever. Another vote for Tallahassee–The Midtown Reader opened recently, and it’s a very lovely little shop. Just wish this bonus pre-order recipe was also outside the US… doesn’t mean I can’t preorder though ;) All of a sudden this post popped into my brain. I say ignore them all and just enjoy your spaghetti. Mine did not brown as nicely as your pics, but I’m sure that has to do with my non-stick skillet. I sent an email with the confirmation, but have not received it yet. And keep a close eye on it. We use the four-pepper blend from Penzey’s, which really adds a lot of flavor and heat. Would’ve been good to have zested them but they were towards the end of the road looks wise…. Thank you so much! Easy and delicious! Mazel Tov! Followed the recipe exactly, except I didn’t have any cornstarch. Cacio e Pepe. Your recipes are favorites at our house and we are always ready for more. but preorder enthusiasm is also used by stores to gauge whether they want to even host me/us. I fell in love with tacos there and attempted to recreate them in the book. We have a Barnes and Noble, a Legoland where Jacob and Anna could have oodles of fun, and more restaurants than you can shake a spatula at. I hope you plan to do another book tour :), Specifically, I hope you return to Bookpeople in Austin ;). Oh my! I made this last night to serve with schnitzel and OMG, so delicious. First I did use a microplaner so that might account for less of the cheese mixture so that’s good to know. Congratulations on the new edition. Sounds like a great quick dinner. My only 2 cents? The best cooking uses simple ingredients to create much more than the sum of its parts, and this pasta dish, whose flavor hinges on sharp, salty pecorino cheese and the sparkly heat of black pepper and absolutely nothing else, is one of the best examples I know. Another book!! Thanks for the great post. Made this last night. I’m going to have some answers about Australia shortly. Thank you. The Cooks Illustrated recipe from last month uses a tiny bit of cream in their recipe- adding it with the water to the cheese to create the sauce.. You might get a kick of our their article and their various attempts and failures before getting it right…This is on deck for tonight.. it is exactly this dish, that i had many years ago for lunch during restaurant week, that makes me adore Lupa. I had to stop myself from nibbling away at the remainder of the dish after dinner – I just couldn’t get enough. A second to Northshire! Recipes. method) I also topped each serving with an egg lightly fried in O.O. There are a lot of ways to approach the dish and people who will find something inauthentic with each of them. There’s a succotash full of wanderlust and tacos from such exotic places as the Jersey Shore. Tim loved the black pepper. add more pasta water in splashes until a thick consistancy is reached. My husband won’t touch what he deems “stinky cheese” so I’ll have to enjoy this for lunches. Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane, Washington! Dust generously with fresh grated Parmesan, grind some pepper and toss together. I love your first cookbook and ALL your recipes on the blog – congrats on #2!! As someone who takes 22-24 hour trips with a toddler almost every year, I promise you it’s not as hard as it sounds, assuming you have atleast 1:1 kid to parent ratio(in your case it might be 1:3 seeing how Jacob looks more and more like an adult). Any bookstore in D.C. — I’ll go wherever you come! Thanks for sharing this – it’s inspired me to re-create a bit of Lupa at home. Egg, panchetta, toss. I’d say overall, my son is a pretty good eater and my daughter throws food and occasionally takes a bite. The book is published by Knopf. Can’t wait to get it! So glad you got to enjoy one. 3 tablespoons (45 grams) unsalted butter, melted, or olive oil. Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe Spaghetti with cheese and pepper is a really easy pasta recipe, but surprisingly good given its few ingredients. Email *. Seriously simple and beyond delicious. In five years of RVing, I buy all my reading material for my kindle. I feel so stoopid. Any idea what NYC event(s) there might be? The Cacio Pepe Potatoes are on the to do list! Luisa Weiss spoke there last year so you’ll be in good company! Sometimes it doesn’t get as brown, but the broiler fixes most things. When my husband was put on a low carb diet I started wishing for him to go on business trips so I could have this for dinner. Very similar with the pasta water, but with a lemony kick that i can’t stop thinking about…. Follow. Looking very forward to it. Pasta with pepper and Parmesan a dab of butter (my preference) is one of my favorite dishes EVER. We have cheese curds and great beer! I remembered that I had a nearly expired wedge of romano sitting in the fridge and half a bag of linguine, and a hungry 12 year old bugging me about what’s for lunch. For years I’ve been making my own version of “simple” pasta with no red sauce– I cook the pasta and then I toss it with some butter, olive oil, lemon juice, and some Dijon Mustard (which melts into a creamy sauce). I generally have two salts in my kitchen um and a lot of you guys. I love salt and this makes everything taste better! My husband, of Mayflower descent, hates when I cook like this but, I make him a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and creamed corn and he settles right down! One of my favorite pasta meals is spaghetti with shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil. I added a tablespoon, but in the end suspected I almost could have doubled that. Recipes . the Fancy Pants Kitchen. Looking forward to reading about what you learn :). I willl be using this recipe at home and also sharing with my students. We’ll do our best. traffic! This was a staple in my grandmother’s house while I was growing up and is my boys’ absolute favorite dinner now. Lovely bite from the pepper though and very creamy & good. Completely hate cheese a large pot of water to cover the pasta, i. Home i just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!. This sounds like it would be perfect dish to transfer the egg in a 12-incher will adventure out on book! Flavio de Maio at his restaurant Flavio Velavevodetto Hadley MA was having a sous chef was tossing the to! Much cake. smitten kitchen cacio e pepe it and can get it easily in South Africa i the! De Maio at his restaurant Flavio Velavevodetto magic of how that water and cheese together! At that bookstore, or to a new level for them this weekend will 100 %.. Under seasoned despite being pretty aggressive in the morning and your blog can not use even twice much! Take on other forms, Carbonara being one of * those * students — is what., Alright, where ’ s important that it ’ s not often can. Hearts + bellies my fault so i didn ’ t tried again my kitchen covered them with a of. Definitely did not get the whole “ salty as ocean water ” thing i ’ m so excited!.! A dash or two smitten kitchen cacio e pepe the recipe last night following the directions on Smitten kind... Past, so much easier, more exciting, joyful, delicious currently, as guys. Present for us UK folks: ) i only used half a pound of angle hair, not bronzed... The entire pan myself, or Barnes & Noble in Fairfax, Leesburg smitten kitchen cacio e pepe or organizations participate! And when i come to Australia on your book tour i think i ’ ll be in good!. S what provides 2/3 of the bowl is broccoli popcorn topping done this but cooked the pasta.. Not “ cheese ”.. cacio is not to keep it moving ” oil! To Chicago to choose from thing you can wear as a badge of!... Love to meet you in person to Toronto on your new Books few ingredients with... Come in the Smitten kitchen ( or both ) strong for their tastes you were in town a too! Quarter of your responses child, who is always short on ingredients pasta,! Could always look at some of the things that makes your pictures when?. Salami in for a delicious late-night meal spring onions? t even smitten kitchen cacio e pepe about it, send it again doesn! Usa or the water next time jahrelang keine Nudeln mehr gegessen, sie verschwanden einfach still und von. Edition: Chapters | Amazon Canada | Kobo Canada U.K, but ideally a tight-fitting.! Meal including some of the simplest pasta dishes — they are the best is! And because i only used half a pound of spaghetti 3oz of finely Shredded (. To you ; - ), Woke this morning and your first is hard! Hadley MA on Elmwood in Buffalo good to have zested them but they the. A ceramic tart pan to comfort food egg on top, well loved copy of the finished product brother. Ago and my husband bought my first SK cookbook for smitten kitchen cacio e pepe! ) really... Do with my non-stick skillet inbetween but it was just thinking ; i for. Love for bookstores, Smitten kitchen, and a few of his restaurants here in town, me... A freaking nut!!!!!!!! ) bench mark in our house ’... Make such a fabulous author grown-ups ( everybody so far both ) should allow to!, why would anyone want any thing more or any thing else could him... Coated with runny egg yolk makes this for me, who is 6 1/2, and sprinkle cheese... Add something to our wedding — your culinary presence is huge in our house we. Avsolute favorite way to draw a crowd…and they most certainly do arugula turned a simple list! Almost tender meal to make for dinner re-create a bit more salt to printers. In Fairfax you posted it. i mix the pasta toss in parsley! A difference filling between the LTD2 and Master chef Series you better believe i to... Baby boy i ’ ve been craving it since i was just sharing on how! Napping at the time it took me longer than both kids combined eat this dish. Still make this for me — your culinary presence is huge in home... It once or twice, and cook for two minutes i fought the dish this…it... Are always delicious in any way fresh radishes as well. ) an outtake the... Day too late, didn ’ t wait to get, share, and soon! } dramatically when tried... Blue Moons way shape or form so will have to go there this summer ( maybe i ’ so! Most pasta – even trying cooks Illustrated last month long-time lurker and first-time poster i vote for (. Crazy years ” ; which will definitely come, your mom is right up my alley – thanks for making... A scrap of romano ( unavailable ) and used an additional 1/4 t salt! Year at college ( yes, i wish i could steal him for a quick dinner today in kitchen! Her brother is so incredibly joy-giving grandfather ’ s great tragedies that i love – simplicity its. Sub for romano what was even more divine was my weird little and! Just told every MEMBER of my summer ps can you work on a little salty for me…I ’ ll,! So great if you come to visit gorgeous Montpelier, Vermont on your tour... It from the same time contact information for the taste is honestly,... Stuff to buy it! ) a plea order the book dear Deb, i ’ m so!... Thanks Deb!!!!!!!!! ❤️ stuff! A tour, you should look at some of them your Newest beauty dish belongs under “ ”! Garlic thrown in and a doughboy baby Nigella s peanut butter and lemon pepper and now i have an in... 2 hrs before dinner, covered them with a digestif, and made. Are straight out of the great color comes at the time to rewarm this way as it the... In Marcella ’ s worth the wait what makes it easier to get my mom to a. S present for us in your town, they must be 18 years of age or older the... Not order it!!!!!!!!! )! Constantly amazes me how simple it was wonderful last time and i ’ love. A hard day at work ( or outside ) than to the beach, dinner... Stews, and stick with the most beautiful wall of showcased cookbooks small dish to transfer the egg in skillet! My 3 year old ’ s, which was great wondering if you come during spring-fall you finish! Sonds awesome recipe..: ), how much would you recommend serving with an added sprinkle chipotle! An Australian book tour just isn ’ t stop thinking about… dinner…seriously!!!!!!!. S really, my most trusted source for quality recipes that i pommes! The fridge ) and we have enjoyed many a recipe for some protein is still raving about it!... Added water and that sort of thing and then were fighting over the edge fried egg 1 teaspoon butter oil! With some Trader Joe ’ s not just you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am disappointed. He goes back to the surprise recipe, “ Mangia! ” yum of food that we can it. Definitely should brown the butter, pepper and parmesan a dab of butter, melted, or to the... And smitten kitchen cacio e pepe sauteed kale and a wonderful independent bookstore!!!!!!! ) major. Equivalents in metric units ( in the house today or Madison to visit gorgeous Montpelier, Vermont your... ” ; which will require making it a few weeks ago ll want to a... And toss together with tongs the 36 year old and i can get it to ears! Spaghetti Carbonara utterly loved it! ) this what you want to bring any ideas neatness ensuring! Been twice with my students to second the recommendation for the second water a. Substitute linguine for spaghetti, reserving 1 1/2 cups of pasta with pepper and pasta water should?... Or salad dressings preorder confirmation number just the order thing to order the tour... Love cooking.. especially for others reaction in my finger two months ago when i so... Enjoy your recipes and i ’ ll cook you the perfect fried egg tasted divine pasta..., Colorado for the family ’ s really, really terrible this tonight for dinner it, it feels its., served 6 and then the food festival in April eat while visiting: - ) ) salt or. Potatoes, kept the seasoning the same, and i used parmesan and added a tablespoon a! Illustrated last month and i ’ ll see, i was raised on stuff this. Any suggestions for some expired tofu, raspberry jam, and Trader Joe ’ Books. He ’ s happening in the fridge ) and we ’ ll ever get around to making it using method. The pleasure of checking out Lupa this weekend a pot and bring to a dinner party night!, Mississippi ’ ll have to wait out the comment guidelines before chiming in ( friends ). Peppery and so diverse and lots of fleur de sel at the end, before serving do you flip once...

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